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Neck pain is a common issue experienced by millions of people worldwide, often causing discomfort and negatively impacting daily function. Recent studies reveal that approximately 30% to 50% of adults experience neck pain each year, with common causes including poor posture, muscle strain, nerve compression, and degenerative disc disease. As a result of neck pain, individuals often face a range of functional impairments, such as:

  • Limited Range of Motion: Often the first symptom you notice is difficulty moving your neck making it difficult to turn the head or maintain proper posture due to tense or tight muscles.
  • Pain: The intensity and quality of pain varies from person to person. It can be mild and more of an annoyance or it can affect your ability to do even the most basic tasks.
  • Headaches: Tension and discomfort in the neck can contribute to the development of headaches or migraines.
  • Sleep Disturbances: Persistent neck pain can lead to sleep disturbances, affecting overall health and well-being.
  • Decreased Work Performance: Discomfort can hinder productivity at work, particularly for those in sedentary jobs with extended periods of sitting.

Typical symptoms of neck pain include stiffness, muscle soreness, and sharp or dull aches. In more severe cases, neck pain can lead to pain or weakness in the arm and significantly impact daily activities, function, and quality of life.

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Why does my neck hurt?

Neck pain has a variety of underlying causes and can significantly impact daily life. Leading causes of neck pain include the following:

Poor Postural Habits

Poor posture (i.e., slouching or hunching the shoulders) can put excessive strain on the muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae in the neck. This continuous tension can lead to muscle fatigue, stiffness, and even structural changes in the spine, resulting in neck pain.

Poor postural habits often develop due to sedentary lifestyles, improper ergonomics, or lack of awareness of correct body alignment during daily activities.

Muscle Strain

Muscle strain, also known as a pulled muscle, occurs when muscle fibers are overstretched or torn due to overuse, fatigue, or excessive force.

Muscle strains often result from activities requiring extended periods of looking down or holding the head in an awkward position, such as using a smartphone, working on a computer, or reading. The strain on the neck muscles can cause discomfort, stiffness, and a reduced range of motion, leading to neck pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) refers to the natural wear and tear of the spinal discs due to aging. Over time, the discs lose their flexibility, elasticity, and ability to absorb shock, leading to reduced disc height and the formation of bone spurs.

As DDD progresses, it can cause increased pressure on the spinal joints, nerves, and muscles, contributing to neck pain, stiffness, and restricted mobility.


Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when the head is suddenly and forcefully jerked backward and forward, causing the neck to move beyond its normal range of motion. This rapid movement can strain and tear the neck muscles and ligaments, leading to neck pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion.

Whiplash is commonly associated with car accidents, specifically rear-end collisions, but can also result from sports injuries or falls.

Bulging or herniated discs

A bulging disc occurs when the disc’s outer layer protrudes beyond its normal boundaries. In contrast, a herniated disc happens when the inner gel-like substance leaks out through a tear in the outer layer.

Both conditions can cause pressure on nearby nerves, leading to neck pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in the neck, shoulders, or arms. Factors such as age-related degeneration, injury, or excessive strain on the neck can contribute to bulging or herniated discs.

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Our massage therapists take an integrative approach to neck pain relief, focusing on the whole person and not just the symptoms. Our expertise can help you overcome discomfort, regain mobility, and enjoy the lasting benefits of a healthier, more active lifestyle.

We combine evidence-based treatments, including a combination of manual therapy, targeted stretches, strengthening, and any other pain management technique.

Some of the most common and effective treatments include:

  • Manual Therapy: Our therapists use their hands to apply pressure, manipulate soft tissues, and mobilize joints to increase flexibility and reduce pain. Treatments like soft tissue techniques and joint mobilization can be highly beneficial in alleviating neck pain.
  • Therapeutic Exercise: We design targeted exercise programs to strengthen the muscles surrounding your neck and upper back. We also work to ensure any restrictions are freed up with stretches and mobility work. Our exercises will help reduce neck strain and promote long-term relief.
  • Postural Education: As part of your treatment plan, we will assess and address any postural imbalances contributing to your neck pain. Our therapists will guide you through exercises and strategies to improve posture and maintain proper alignment during daily activities.

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