The Benefits of Regular Physiotherapy

The Benefits of Regular Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapy can be a wonderful addition to any injury recovery program. A person licensed to perform sports physiotherapy can help individuals return to their regular routines after they have been sidelined by an injury or illness. But the benefits of physiotherapy aren’t limited to recovery. Many people use this therapy to not only prevent injury but to maintain overall wellness and health on an on-going basis.

Physiotherapy uses applied manual pressure and manipulation to joints and soft tissue to reduce inflammation, increase mobility and flexibility, restore natural movement, and to ease and reduce symptoms of pain and discomfort. It also employs the use of props such as balls, blocks, and straps to target specific areas.

If you are an active individual or are interested in maintaining optimal physical conditions for your active lifestyle, an Airdrie massage may be beneficial for you.

Sports Physiotherapy for Wellness

Just as it’s common to get a massage after strenuous activity, a visit to a physiotherapist can offer many of the same advantages. Targeted exercises and stretches can reduce the build-up of lactic acid to help prevent soreness and restore optimal range of motion.

Furthermore, most physiotherapists are familiar with specific exercises that can help prevent shin splints, stress fractures, and other annoying conditions that can derail your activities. You invest a lot of time in your active lifestyle, so it makes sense that you would likewise focus on ways to maintain your fitness levels.

Physiotherapy Can Counter the Effect of Aging

As we age, our bodies take longer to recover from both injury as well as day-to-day stresses. Physiotherapy can help your body maintain an environment of strength, flexibility, and circulation that resists the effects of aging. Joints that are stable and surrounded by strong muscles are less likely to break than weak, unstable joints. And if you do suffer a fall, a healthy body responds faster than one that is not well conditioned.

Age-related conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis can respond well to regular physiotherapy treatments.

Airdrie Physio Therapy for Your Optimal Health

If you are seeking ways to maintain optimal health for physical activity or methods that can help reduce the effects of aging and nature on your lifestyle, contact us to make an appointment at 1-403-768-2747 and speak with an Airdrie physiotherapist who understands your goals. Our licensed and certified practitioners can work with you to devise a plan that will keep you doing what you love the most.


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